Old Friends, New Friends, Work Friends

You may ask, how does this topic relate to work? Well, it does.

Think of how you interact with “old friends” and ask yourself, is that the same way you interact with “work friends” or “new friends”?

We should all be so lucky to a) have friends, but b) have good friends. BE GRATEFUL.

Someone once said to me “you are the architect of your relationships” and this has stuck with me. I think the way you interact with any friend defines who you are as a person. I’m often told that some people are different at work than at home, but why? Why, do some people feel the need to “be different”?  I think those friendships we have where we can just be ourselves are the healthiest. That being said, wouldn’t it be nice to be yourself at work! I encourage candidates to often “be yourself during the interview” and this helps to ground them. However, I also believe being yourself at work is just as important. We spend many hours at work, so best to be yourself around your “work friends” too. This may lead to a more productive day, agree?

You are the architect of your relationships. What does this mean? It means you choose your:

Foundation = Old Friends

Building Materials = Work Friends

Roof = New Friends

So if you visualize your friendships, it’s very obvious those of us who have many old friends, several work friends and solid new friends are a stronger structure. You can have a few old friends, but without new friends you’re not complete, or you can have a few new friends and very few work friends and feel empty.

I observe my pre-teen being this Architect and it astonishes me how young this behavior starts. How we try to separate old from new and always seeking to find new friends. In the end, what’s important is that we make good choices in friends and that we be ourselves. Who wants to work with someone who doesn’t like you for who you are? Who wants to be on a team with a leader who has a weak foundation? Who wants to support a Boss who has no time to take care of his/her roof? See where I’m going……..

We all need to make the time to be a well-rounded Architect and a good friend. So get out there and ask that other working Mom to lunch today or ask the new neighbor to lunch. Better yet, see if you can have lunch with your Boss or invite your old friend to the beach. That’s where I am going today.


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