Minor Errors are NO JOKE in the Career Game!

Minor or Major? Okay, I am not the athletic type, but I do understand the difference between a major penalty and minor penalty in hockey. I’m married to a hockey player! That being said, in the “career rule book” when applying for a job it’s only the first reader who gets to make the call if your typo is “minor” or “major”. However, the difference here is not just a few minutes in the penalty box, but the loss of gaining that corner office. Penalties are almost encouraged in sports, but definitely not in your career game! It takes minutes to proof your resume and cover letter. Use your minutes wisely.

Candidates, Job-Seekers, Students……..TAKE YOUR TIME AND PROOF YOUR RESUME AND COVER LETTER with every application.  Here’s a summary of what may be viewed as Minor or Major; Agree or Disagree? Each Hiring Manager will have a different threshold and I’m no English major, but I can decipher common errors vs. lazy errors.

To Whom It May Concern or To whom it may concern? – Minor! (Tip: Don’t use this! Go with ‘Dear Hiring Manager:’

Dear [Name] – You forget to change template – Major! (Tip: SLOW DOWN)

I am interested in this job I hope to be considered. – You forgot the . (period) – Major!  (Tip: Read it over 3 times)

Deirdre vs. Deidre – You spelled my name wrong – Minor!  (Tip: Check your work!)

I am in interested in working for ABC Staffing vs. Black Oak Staffing Solutions – You do not have the RIGHT company name. If this is your ONLY typo we’ll let it slide because it’s very common, but it does show you do not have an eye for detail. Minor & Major (Tip: SLOW DOWN, Check your work and make sure it’s addressed properly)

You decide which box you prefer. These simply simple errors can make a huge difference in your future! Auto-correct is not an acceptable excuse and your application decisions 100% reflect on what a future employer may see you doing on the job. If you can’t get your own resume and cover letter done correctly, how can you type an email to a future client?

There are repercussions, not concussions,  in this game. 

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