What do you want to do when you grow up?

Grow Up?”…..It’s funny how common this question was when we were kids, right? This was a conversation today with some colleagues which has stuck with me and prompted me to write some thoughts.

So who gets decide at what age one is grown up? I’ve witnessed my own Father pouting at a holiday event, a CEO cry in the office and a Manager abruptly stomp out of a meeting.  Do we really ever “grow up”? Does our age define our business maturity or is it our life experiences that allow us to cope? My friend turned 44 today and said #Ifeelsoold (yes using a hashtag in a text), yet my Mother died when she was 49 and we say “Wow, she was so young”. I think everything is relative, yet I also believe I have another 42 years to live and can do anything that I put my mind to. I do not want to be the President of United States like many of used to answer,  or as another colleague said “Maybe today’s kids say I want to be an Entrepreneur when I grow up or a Business Owner”.

When it comes to our CAREER, we don’t have to “grow up”, but we have to learn how can we articulate the real life experience(s) we have encountered that make us the best hire for a specific role. Each and everyone one us should hope our “inner kid” does shine itself every so often because kids have NO FEAR and the adults in their lives are so patient, kind, caring and want to show them how to succeed. As a job-seeker try to find those types of employers and as employers, remember sometimes it’s those hires who are still growing up that are your most attentive, loyal and grateful.

I’m not sure what I want to do when I do “officially” grow up, but I am embracing how employers are offering more perks, toys, fun events, creative outings, different foods and team collaboration. It is all because they want “the kids” to enjoy their day working together. The office is the new playground. #nevergrowup. Play nice and have fun thinking about all the different ways you can answer the question now.  Be who you want to be.grow up

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