Pajamas and Jobs – Get out of your comfort zone!

Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas you’ve had for years? Or a favorite pair of sweats you’ve had since college and you refuse to throw them out?

Don’t we all?

pjs w holes

I think this is what happens to us with our careers. We get so comfortable “in it” that we can’t imagine a new one “feeling” as good or being as comfortable as the one you are currently in. Make sense?

Even though these sweats and pajamas are too small or have massive holes we continue to wear them every night, every weekend and we just don’t see the need for a new set, right?

We get in an automatic mindset that we convince ourselves that there is no better job than the one I have. Well, you may be WRONG.

We recommend go see the new brands of pajamas out there! Things have changed since college and they now make Lululemon, for instance. Once you try those on, your old pajamas quickly find the donation pile or maybe the attic for memorabilia. It can be that easy to find a new job that you simply fall in love with at the first interview. It happens every day.lulupjs4

As a Recruiter, we advise browse the market and see what your potential options are. There could be a better fit out there and you do not know it because you have your blinders on. Change is healthy and sometimes for the better.

It’s okay to put your resume out there because you deserve that “new pair of sweats”. The way you feel when you put those new sweats on is the way you could feel every day on the job.  I think many of us have learned you can’t wear the same pajamas your entire life or….wait,….. you can try,  but in the end there may be nothing left to them.  When you retire, you want to feel whole, comfortable and know if it wasn’t for having confidence to try new things you may not be as happy in your bathing suit, sipping your cocktail,  enjoying your retirement home in Florida.

…………And in today’s flexible work schedule world you may even be able to –

a) Wear those pajamas while working from home!!!!

b) Wear them on pajama day at work!!!

Things have changed………and for those of you who may not own or wear pajamas, that is a story for another day! sleep

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