Made the Touchdown? Now What?


The Patriots are Super Bowl Champions! They clutched the big win! Did you recently get a chance to do a victory dance? Did you get offered a new job? Just like the Patriots, you need to plan your next steps! As they get ready for the off season training, what are you doing to prepare for your first day?

  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile! It is a huge accomplishment and it is time to show it off!
  • Leave your old company on a good note! Thank and get reference letters from superiors! Update personal contact information from colleagues to be able to stay in touch after you start your new job!
  • We know you have the suit! But the small things matter too! Do you need new socks? Do you have enough ties? Or need a new blouse or accessories to dress up you favorite blazer? Is it a new season? Make sure you lay out all your clothes ahead of time (and knowing they are clean) will be a weight off your shoulders!
  • Attend all trainings at your new company! This is important as it shows you are interested in the company as whole, not just your small part.
  • Does your new company have monthly social events? Go to them! It is important to try to assimilate into the company culture and meet people from all departments! This is a fun and easy after you start your new job!

-K O’Leary


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