Your Career Playbook!

Have you been following the Patriot’s season? I am sure we are all still in awe of the trick play a couple games ago! Edelman’s past of being a quarterback at Kent State sure came in handy! If you missed it, check out this short clip!

We do not often enough “think outside the cubicle”, but B.O.S.S. can help! You to deserve a touchdown of a career! Are you going to try something new or remain complacent in your job? Are you ready to go into a new industry? It is time to surprise your “team!” We can help you write your career playbook!


B.O.S.S’s Playbook for Both Employees and Employers

1. Interview Prep- How to get remembered in an interview? This is a burning question for most who are looking for a career move. What do we think you should do? Be the one who tries something new! Instead of just providing your resume, bring a small presentation to SHOW how you can thrive in the position. What are you going to wear? A traditional Black Suit vs. the stand out Red Suit? Small (yet very different) moves can make you stand out to the interviewer. Think- what would you want to see someone do if you were hiring for the company?

2. New Hires- Did your company just complete a hiring process? In this competitive day it is important as a company to stand out. Go above and beyond with your new hires– they will definitely fall in love (quicker) with their work! How may you ask can you win over your new hires? Forget the traditional first day office lunch! Instead bring in an omelet chef to the office or an array of a local restaurants appetizers and drinks for 5:00PM!

3. Benefits- As an employee happy in your company, how can you get more out of your career? Well, know the benefits in your company “policy handbook” and take advantage of those discounts! Yes, many companies offer gym discounts, but they also may offer 10% off at Ann Taylor! Benefits such as these are useful. If you have questions, do not be afraid to talk to someone in your Human Resource Department.

You to can throw “a memorable touchdown”! Do you have any “plays” you’re willing to share? Tweet or write on our Facebook group!



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