Thoughts About the Innovative Tools to Learn More About Company Culture

Picture this… the web browser open: http//www… dot what? What is the candidate typing in? Is it Glassdoor? The Daily Muse? Is it Facebook? Yelp? If I am in search of a new job that will be the perfect fit for not only me, but the company as well, where do I go to learn more about company culture?

When looking for a job, one needs to find a company that is not only faultless for them on the surface, but underneath as well. Being employed is not a one way road. For the new job-seekers there is a slow evolution occurring. Future employees can find an abundance of information online about a company’s culture from dress code to monetary support for furthering education to monthly company outings!

Through the years websites have evolved to now create a chat function in which one can ask all sorts of questions to a representative. Before to find out about a company, it was person to person, then over the phone, then computers and a Google search… Now what?  Chat boxes and texts with Q & A’s?  Or is it a combination of all of them? Researching a company can only go so far, it is still very important to talk with those who work there!! Whether it is a walk through the office during the interview to feel the vibe or asking about different company policies, interacting with those within in the company reveals a lot. For a machine to work well, the gears need to match up – just like utilizing these resources do!

Comany Culture

Should Human Resource departments have a chat box like Customer Service Departments do? Do you think companies should start to have their Social Media Manager comment on comments made by employees? What are your thoughts? Where do you find your information? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter #BOSS!


-K. O’Leary

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