Take Care of Your “DIGITAL HEALTH”

Clean Up Your Digital-Self Prior to Applying to a New Job in 2015!


Did that red (1) just pop up on your Facebook app? Did your family tag you in holiday photos? Friends from high school or college at the local holiday reunion? Even if you’re happily employed, best to BE PREPARED… Clean up your online image. Save the pictures to your home desktop and delete from the internet!

A New Year can mean a New You! How? Refresh your professional photos, your website content, your resume, your cover letter! Go and get your suit pressed and clean out your contact list! Set this as your New Year’s resolution goal! (For more resolution ideas, check out our Pinterest Board!) A healthy online presence is almost as important as your overall health. Take care of YOU and take care of YOUR “digital-self” to! Here at BOSS, confidentially browsing is something we highly recommend! It is good for your ego, good for bench-marking, and negotiations!

New Year New Start


-K. O’Leary

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