The Ever-Changing Job Applications


In our last blog, we talked about the importance of a content strategy in order to stand out in online applications. Well what about companies who only source using resumes, cover letters, or LinkedIn?

The key is still content! Today Human Resources departments are often now called Talent Acquisition offices. Although the words changed, the people who work in the offices are still looking to staff their company with the most qualified candidate. To stand out when seeking a job, what you provide about your self (the content!) is crucial.

The simpler, but more detailed, examples is the best! You are probably shaking your head saying Black Oak– that is a contradicting statement! How am I supposed to be simple, yet provide details?

Well we are here to help you navigate that! For example: if a job description is seeking someone who knows Excel, include it in your resume and LinkedIn! BUT do not just list it as a skill– also include an example of when you utilized Excel in the work place. This is key!

If a company is seeking an Intern who can boost their social media presence, they will choose the candidate who did not just list it social media platforms in their skills, but included examples such as: “increased Twitter followers two fold; utilized Facebook to drive ‘friends’ to other platforms such as Pinterest.”


For a job seeker to exceed, one needs to understand the importance of content! By using “buzz words” to attract the employers, then locking in their interest by portraying your experiences with your skills.

Quick tips to update your “content”: check out our Pinterest Resume Writing and Cover Letter Help boards! Have more time and really want to tailor your resume to perfection? Call BOSS today to set up an appointment!

-K. O’Leary

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