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Have you ever been in the middle of an online application and thought why am I even filling this out? Will a person even read it? Or this is so tedious and I probably won’t even hear back! Filling out the hundreds of bubbles, retyping your resume, and wondering if you correctly demonstrated your abilities could make the process very frustrating.

What is important in these online applications is content, content, content!

Content, the words and descriptions in your resume, allows for search engine optimization. The company your applying to knows what they want or need in a candidate. If you fit the description-make sure you show it in your application, but also on your LinkedIn profile and About Me! The words one uses should be consistent across the board.

For example, if the job description reads, “Must have: the ability to develop an administrative staff by creating and providing educational and growth opportunities.”

If you have had experience performing these duties as an Administrative Assistant, you should write “implemented several education and growth opportunity plans for an administrative team.” If you have had measurable results- share them! Include “… that led to 15 in company promotions and saved 15% of our annual budget for the human resource team.”

Having the first three bullets mirror the job description, a company sees clearly that you would fit for the job! Although the applications are long and tedious, if filled out correctly, a company will pin point you as a serious candidate.

Here at Black Oak, we suggest you take the time to research the company- see the content they provide. This will help you when it comes time to filling out that application. What are the multiple choice questions being asked? What are the bubbles you need to fill in really looking for? While it seems mundane, the company is trying to find the candidate that fits! Tip: Take a break after completing, but before submitting. Make sure to re-review the whole application!

-K. O’Leary

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