Holiday Time In The Office

Burnt out from shopping for your family and friends?

But still need gifts for your coworkers and boss?

No fret we have awesome- and affordable- ideas!

BOSS Top 5 Office Gifts

1. Cell Phone Accessories- an extra cell phone charger or cell phone case can always come in handy for those office “techies!”


Not to mention– they can be found at a reasonable price at Walgreens!

2. Coffee Mug- have the one coworker always borrowing your mug or using ones left in the break room? This could be the perfect “hint” gift!


3. Gift card to favorite lunch spot- you know they will use it, maybe even with you!


4. Business card case- perfect work related gift that can make a great first impression with clients!


5. All occasions card set- how often are you searching for the perfect card? This makes for a great gift that could make your coworkers life a bit easier!


 Quick Tips: Before buying gifts for coworkers and your boss, make sure to check out company policies on gift exchanges! Also: be mindful of your coworkers- if someone has been sticking away from sweets, don’t bring in baked goods! If someone constantly passes on wine or beer at work dinners, a bottle of wine wouldn’t be the best gift! If someone is of a different religion, check to see if they have different practices on gift giving! In most cases, a simple yet thoughtful holiday well wishes card could go a long way!

What are your suggestions for this year? Tweet @BlackOakBoss to let us know!

-K. O’Leary

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