Email Life of A Recruiter


 Are you feeling anxious, it’s end of October and you do not have a new job yet? Or are you asking yourself why haven’t any of the recruiters I met called me? Or why have the HR Managers not replied to the resumes I emailed?

The INSIDE Scoop: Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes daily! On top of just resumes our office receives hundreds of ‘other’ emails daily too!

You may be thinking- what? how? what else could people be emailing recruiters for?

 We receive emails ranging from- what do you have for job opportunities to I can’t pay rent and I need work and everything in between! For example-  when I opened my inbox this morning I had a large volume of  different kinds of emails:

I need a job- Where do I start?
I interviewed with you 2 weeks ago- Why haven’t I heard back?
Why haven’t you gotten me a job yet?
Invitation to a new Networking Group
How many references do you need for me to apply?
Are you a confidential service? (Yes We Are!)
I want to refer a friend- How do I do this?
IMPORTANT- My Facebook Was Hacked- Do Not Open Previous Message

Often it is difficult in between meetings, setting up interviews, and talking with clients to answer every email! Think- How many times do doctors get emails? From healthy patients- once a year! How many cars does a car dealer want to sell? This number is different from the number he actually does sell! We would love to HELP all of you – trust us, we would but in reality we can only place so many of you!!

Should recruiters start texting more often? Should we have an account that allows us to “chat” in order to answer quick emails? How do you think we could serve you better? Comment with your suggestions!

-Kaitlynn O’Leary


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