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While we focus on content quite often, another major part of presenting yourself as a job seeker or networking professional is visual importance. TheLadders eye tracking study found that 19% of a recruiters’ time is spent looking at your LinkedIn profile picture. What does this mean? If one doesn’t have a profile picture, it could work against you!


What should your profile picture look like you might ask?

It is a picture that links who you are with your professional career!

The picture should not be blurry – think clear!


It should feature you alone—not with other friends or family!



Be inviting and smile—while not an area to come across as crazy, show some of your personality!

This: images



Last, but not least, there should be no excuse to not knowing how to upload a photo! When you login to your LinkedIn account, go to the top bar that says profile – while your mouse is scrolled over it a drop down area will appear – click on edit profile! The square area on the left hand side is where your profile picture should be—click on the camera icon. Upload a photo from your gallery. Then drag the yellow square to crop your photo. On the right hand side of your screen should have previews of how your picture will look in other areas! Make sure your face is fully visible and then click save!

This easily can translate over to your Facebook or Twitter Profile account as well. Any social media account that portrays an image of who you are should be a professional one!

-K O’Leary

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