Are you prepping to continue your education?

Are YOU prepping to continue your education? Do you know where you want to go? Do you need to take the GRE or LSAT? Do you need to submit different applications? B.O.S.S has a few key tips on how to be best prepared!


Explore your options! Make sure to be researching all prospective graduate programs. What will the school offer you? Besides earning an advanced degree, it is vital to understand what graduate schools can do to help you! From helping to find work experience in a co-op setting, allowing you to conduct research, or to having a thriving network of alumni, these are things to be considered when applying to different graduate schools!


Make an application checklist for yourself! It is important to write down all the steps you need to complete- such as registering for the exams, asking for letter of recommendations, assembling all application materials, and looking at financials – and the dates they need to be done by. Having it all on a calendar will help you keep organized and not feel overwhelmed. The application process requires concentration and time.


Speaking about the exams: make sure you understand what test your program is looking for whether it be the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or the MCAT, and start studying ahead of time. The BEST way to prepare for these exams is through practice tests! Whether it is on your own via preparation books found at Barnes and Nobles or sitting down for an official practice test- practice, practice, practice!


Understand how your life may change: If you plan on working while being a full time student, realize the time commitment you are making. If you are planning on being a full-time student, it’s important to recognize all the financial considerations during and post graduation. Going directly from undergraduate work to graduate work, be prepared for the changes whether it is less of a campus life or more autonomy in your studies.


Whether you are thinking about grad school for next spring or for in a couple years, we are here to support YOU with tailoring your resume or discussing choosing your references. Let us know how B.O.S.S. can help!

-K O’Leary

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