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Ever wonder when reading your resume or viewing your LinkedIn profile how a hiring manager perceives it? When a job seeker includes “writes content”, “handles social media”, “updates Facebook”, or “responsible for Twitter” on their resume, the first thing a hiring manager will want to do is look up this content. Recall when back in the day companies “tested on skills” -ie typing skills or math exams, today’s equivalent is “public viewing samples!”

What does this mean for you? When writing these skills on your public profile or resume, make sure to also review your public social media work- is it professional? does it portray your skills accurately? Also if you are stating this as a part of your job, it is key for a hiring manager to be able to find the material easily! One way to do this is to hyperlink examples of your work to your profile!

For Example:

Intern at Black Oak Staffing Solutions

  • Writes content for weekly blog posts via a WordPress account

  • Updates Facebook daily with available jobs and relevant articles to the staffing industry

  • Responsible for Twitter Content including retweets of similar material

Comments? Concerns? Questions? Thoughts? Let B.O.S.S. Know!

-K. O’Leary

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