Got Questions About Your Future Career?

Whether you have just stepped onto your college campus for the first time as a freshman or have been an alumnus for over twenty years, one office that will always be of use to you will be the on campus Career Services Center.

Why you may ask? Check out our FAQ’s!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Career Services Center?

A career services center is a one-stop shop- it is a comprehensive resource for all things career related. Whether it is preparing for an interview, helping to navigate job boards, or guiding a student through graduate applications, a career services center helps with all aspects of furthering yourself in the professional world. Interested to see if your college ranks? Check out this “Best College Career Services” list!


 2. What are major benefits of a Career Services Center?

Benefit 1: They are free! Most career services center are a free resource for students to be able to get ahead of the game through editing their resumes, conducting mock interviews, or helping write cover letters.

Benefit 2: They have connections! Many alumnus stay in touch with career services- it is common for them to reach out to current students with career advice OR potential job opportunities! Often major companies reach out to schools career centers to look for motivated students for internships.

Benefit 3: They are professionals! The employees who work in the office do this work for a living. They know what they are talking about and their advice is better than the first option on a Google search.


3. How soon should you start using the Center?

Freshman year! Do not think you need to wait till you are about to graduate to visit. Starting freshman year a career center can help you navigate career opportunities depending on your major and suggest different clubs to join to bolster your resume.


4. How often should you use the Center?

As often as you need! The centers are there for you to go to- it is the job of the employees there to help you find a job or graduate school! Go in any time you have a question- for more specific needs that may take longer call or email ahead to make an appointment.


5.  Do Career Centers host events I can attend?

Why yes they do! Events range for all different centers, but the most popular events include career fairs and networking events. Leading up to these major events are often drop in resume and cover letter editing as well as tips to ‘work the room.’ If you can collect business cards from the people you network with and save them to cool apps on your smartphone like CamCard or ScanBizCards.

Ricky, a friend from college, said the best advice he received from his career center was making a great first impression.  This includes being well dressed and presenting yourself in a professional manner.  Small but simple changes can make you stick out from the crowd such as using a padfolio as opposed to a manila folder to hold your resumes at networking events.


As a college student, do you utilize your career center? As an alumnus do you stay in touch? Let B.O.S.S. know!

-K. OLeary

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