Recipe for Success in Preparing for an Interview!

images-1Just like preparing for an awesome new summer salad, one can follow this recipe in order to succeed during their upcoming interview. Either way if you are or are not preparing for an interview, be sure to check out our Pinterest recipe page for delicious new appetizer ideas  After reading this you could be the next “Iron Chef” of preparing for interviews!


What You’ll Need:

  • The Internet
  • Your “Good Luck” Interview Outfit
  • Directions
  • Money
  • Pen & Folder
  • Copies of Your Resume
  • Questions for the Interview

How To Do It:

  1. After confirming your upcoming interview, turn to the Internet. “Google stalk” the company and interviewers you will be meeting with. (Check out their LinkedIn profiles). Practice on mine:
  2. Set out your outfit for the interview the night before. Wear something you are comfortable in and that is appropriate for the job in which you are applying.
  3. Print directions (via Mapquest or Google Maps) to the building and plan your route to make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your interview. Bring some extra money in case you need to pay for tolls on the road or a parking garage that only accepts cash.
  4. Pack a pen and folder to write down key information the interviewer is telling you. In the folder, place copies of your resume- make sure to print a few extra!
  5. Be prepared with questions to ask the interviewer. Impressionable questions could be “What does a typical day look like for the person in this position? What is the office culture like? What particular achievements would equate to success at this job?”
  6. Arrive early on the day of your interview and you will be all set to succeed in the interview!

Even if you prepare for anything, things can go wrong. Think about it: when cooking sometimes even Julia Child overcooked a meal or left out an ingredient. Chefs often prepare meals several times before they get it right. Maybe when trying something new a “chef” prepared the meal perfectly, but the “appetizer” was just ok. What can you do different next time? Think about the challenges you encountered and how to best overcome them. Adding a pinch of spice or a dash of salt can go a long way in altering your approach to an interview! If you need any extra help, do not be afraid to reach out to B.O.S.S. for more in-depth guidance in the interview process.

-K. O’Leary

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