Coffee Break

Coffee: one of our favorite words and smells first thing in the morning.  We know we love it, we know we need it, but do we know all about it?? We compiled some facts for you to check out while you sip on that first (or second) cup this morning!!


Coffee was first brought to North America in 1668 and just 2 years later, was first traded in BOSTON of all places.

Not all cups of coffee are packed with the same amount of caffeine:

CoffeeGood old fashioned coffee breaks actually have benefits!! Taking 20 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting with coworkers is a great way to de-stress, bond and start the day with a good mood.

Coffee doesn’t just have to be in a hot cup!! We found these yummy recipes to wake you up, like these amazing Iced Coffee Popsicles!!


From a health perspective, coffee (specifically caffeine) has been known to increase adrenaline levels as well as stimulate the nervous system, causing it to break down fat cells at a quicker rate! In addition, coffee drinkers have a 23-50% lower risk of getting Type II Diabetes.

Most of us know our long, complicated order at Starbucks, but do you really know what your drink means??



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