Dressing for Success

Dress codes can often times be vague and confusing. While the days of women strictly in hose and ankle length petty coats are gone, we tend to err on the side of “professional and conservative”. Here are a few of our fashion guidelines:

  • Less is More: But only in the ways of grooming and makeup. For men, stick to clean shaven or tightly trimmed facial hair to avoid distraction and keep up with hygiene. For ladies, remember that this is an office, not a night club, so avoid the smokey eye.. we love THIS quick 3 minute makeup routine from Cupcakes & Cashmere.
  • Modesty Never Hurts: We know it’s 2014 and heels are higher, necklines are lower and skirts are shorter. While that could gain you a few good stares, it likely won’t do much in the way of respect.
  • When in Doubt, No: If you have to second guess whether your outfit is appropriate, chances are it isn’t.
  • Follow Protocol: Maybe your company has a “Casual Friday” or allows sandals in the summer. Consider your HR a back up style advisor if you need help.
  • Get Inspired: Professional and Conservative don’t need to mean Boring or Bland. We created THIS Pinterest board to inspire you. We also love blogs like Classy Cubicle and looking to celebs like Savannah Guthrie and Kate Middleton.

Remember that just because you see it in the streets doesn’t mean it is appropriate for the office. This means no Uggs, no yoga pants. If you struggle to walk in pumps, find a classy pair of flats to dress up your outfit! What is the dress code in your office?

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