Be a Job Seeker, Think Like a Recruiter!

As the Job-Seeker, it can be easy to get caught up in your routine when seeking a job. But we want to challenge you to step out of that comfort zone, start thinking like the Hiring Manager. By doing this, you can put your best foot forward and have information that they would want to see in a potential employee.


                -Google yourself. While your online reputation may not resemble that of Kim Kardashian, you do want to know what is out there about you. On the off chance that some skeleton or false information is published, you want to clean it up before your future Boss looks you up… and trust us, they will!

-Even when you aren’t looking, we always advise that you keep your resume updated. This saves effort and time to prevent you from having to think back to what specific duties and skills you had in past jobs.

-Keep a general cover letter ready. You do want to tweak, add and tie in certain things with each job application, but a general layout is always great to have in your back pocket.

-Same goes for your LinkedIn. We like to think of our LinkedIn profile as an online mirror of our resume. Employers AND Recruiters do look at it. Make sure your photograph is professional photo.

-Recommendations are always crucial to have, even if you aren’t sure which direction you are headed. Should you need it months or a year down the road, your current/former Manager may have already forgotten about all of the great work you did, or left the company altogether.

-Jot down where your resume goes. Upload it to as many job boards as you like, just make sure you keep track of each website. This way, when you do get that new job, it will be that much easier to take your resume down.

-No one likes junk mail crowding their inbox, but don’t think of “job alerts” like that. Think of them as hand-picked opportunities that were selected for you based on your resume or preferences. Weed through them, apply to the ones you are interested in, discard the rest. It’s that simple!

-While business cards may seem outdated, you don’t want to be the one person at a networking event or meet-and-greet without one. It may be easy to forget a face, but with a business card in their pocket, Hiring Managers have your name and contact info right in their pocket!

-Staffing Firms and Recruiters are available to help YOU. Let them do the work, as they have the connections necessary and are professionals at getting people jobs!!

What other job searching tips do you have? We’d love to add to our ever growing list!



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