Big Storm, Big Interview

Blizzards are like Interviews, BIG! Right? Go with us on this one… we have a few tips and tricks that not only make sense when prepping for a big snow, but also make sense when prepping for a big interview!

-Check the weather beforehand- Keep your resume and business card updated and on hand at all times

Blizzard-Making sure snow pants go over your boots before you play in the snow – be prepared or you may be miserable quickly.Blizzard pup

- Lay your outfit out the night before – You do not want to wear black pants and navy socks do you? Be comfortable but dress for the occasion.

- Place the shovel near the door – Have your paperwork and resume ready to go (including a pen!)

- Have sand or salt available for slippery spots – Be “armed” and sharpen every tool in the shed.

- Look up directions before venturing out- being lost is unacceptable.


Stay safe & warm!!


-R. Mersiowsky

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