To some extent, your professional life is public. Your current employer is listed via LinkedIn, salaries get posted in newspapers and anything can be “googled” these days. But what happens when you want to look for a job without offending your current employer…or without anyone outside of family knowing? How do you know when to trust a Recruiter? We can’t speak for all staffing firms, but we put confidentiality first. We have a very strict confidentiality policy that we proudly stand by… and we protect both our candidates and our clients.

As a staffing firm, it is our job to quietly and efficiently job seek for candidates, as well as candidate seek for our clients. To connect these, we use a traditional approach that follows the innovative 140 character job description rule. This builds great relationships and foundations as our clients are able to fill valuable positions with outstanding candidates. By removing personal information from candidate’s resumes, we are able to protect you while still making you credible.

While we understand how irritating it can be to not know which company your resume is going to, it is important to trust your Recruiter to place you in a company that will fully appreciate all that you could bring to the table. From their point of view, you have to keep in mind that these positions may be filled by someone who isn’t sufficient. So if someone is going to get fired, we don’t want them to come across it on the internet beforehand. By not posting a company’s information, we can avoid poaching. We are hopeful that if you trust us, your friends can to.

We want to make it clear that as Recruiters, we are doing our best to provide honest, trustworthy connections without disrespecting either party. By not sharing information, it is not to discredit the client or the candidate, but to protect both parties. If you are interested in job seeking, we advise you to seek a reliable Recruiter who has a firm confidentiality policy like Black Oak Staffing! You would be surprised how few have one at all.

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