Salary: a touchy and almost taboo subject.  While a number can make or break a decision, both for a company and for you, we want to ask when is it appropriate to mention it? And how important is it, exactly? While we don’t think there will ever be 1 right answer… we have a few things to keep in mind when dealing with salary.

Always keep in mind that EVERYTHING is negotiable. There is always a little room for push and pull, both for a company and for you personally. When negotiating a number, set a range. Have a number you know you are not willing to go lower than and an ideal, comfortable number.

With that, also know when to settle and not push it. Break down the numbers and weigh it out. Say you have your mind set on $50k, but the company is only willing to go to $48k. Break that down and you are negotiating a mere $5.47 a day, or a Venti Frappuccino. How do you know when to keep pushing or when to just settle?

Finally, know that numbers are not set on a company’s end when they walk into your interview. An offer is based off of an interview… how valuable you are, what you are bringing to the table… these are all factors that make up the salary they offer.

What are your thoughts on salary?


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