tweet, tweet!!


Twitter is one of our FAVORITE social media uses- what better way to express your thoughts than by having them limited to 140 characters? Currently, 49 million people are active on Twitter… are you one of them? What do YOU tweet about?

For anyone new to the social media game, think of Twitter as a way to give updates, activities and opinions in 140 characters or less. What’s the phone number symbol thrown in there? It’s a #hashtag, used to categorize keywords so that other users can search the keyword and your tweet will appear (if your account is public!).

Now, who should you follow? Depends on your interests, but we recommend following friends, favorite celebrities, news hubs like CNN, and of course @blackoakboss. While it is fun to see what your favorite people are doing, we are finding that it is a great place to job hunt! Using that convenient #hashtag, do a search!! @blackoakboss uses hastags like #boston and #jobs to make it easy for jobseekers in the boston area to find us. We have also gotten more specific, using #sales or #pr, for those who know what field they are seeking.

Social Media IS all fun and games, but use it to your advantage!! If you are using Twitter for job seeking, make sure to keep your profile appropriate. Use a professional photo, put a link to your resume in your “description” section, and monitor your tweets! Have fun and #goodluck!



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