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It’s hard to believe that my daughter was born over 9 years ago and my son over 4 years ago, BUT it’s even more difficult to believe my other “child” aka Black Oak Staffing Solutions – B.O.S.S. has been “alive” over a year and a half.  When my children were born I wrote down everything (well, almost!) from first burp, diaper change, tooth and doctor’s appointment.  When my company was born, I had all good intention to do the same! However, not until this evening I realized that if I can hire a fulltime “social media consultant” to write my business blog for me, why wouldn’t I hire someone to write my life notes in my baby books? I hope when you read that question,  your answer is b/c it’s not the same.  It’s not from the heart.

I started my company so I could connect job seekers with solid companies; I became a Mother to do the same, connect a couple with a healthy family. However, to stop and write everything down vs. enjoying every busy moment has become less important. Yes, there have been multiple bumps and bruises raising my “three babies”, but when I look back this evening,  I can firmly continue to say  ”I would not change anything.”

Blogs are like Baby Books, it’s the real honest content that matters.  It’s not the when you do it, but that when you choose to write something,  you are smiling :) :-) :0)  

I want my clients, all my FB fans, job seekers, family and friends to know that I thank every day for my life and hope that B.O.S.S. continues to grow so that each of you are just as thankful for the job you get and for the hire you make.  Although it’s not an easy road,  adding to staff or looking for a job, in the end it’s not the timeline that matters, the BLOG or the Baby Book, but that you are happy when you get there.  

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  1. You are an amazing young woman! Your energy, your attitude, your outlook on life can only bring you success in all your endeavors. Keeping your priorities in order is what you do best and cherishing those people, moments, and special times whether written down or not is a lesson well learned. Speaking as one of the “elders” (notice I DID NOT say “elderly”)in the family, I am proud of you and enthusiastically support you in all your endeavors………I couldn’t love you more if you were indeed “my own”. Onward and upward, my dear!

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