B.O.S.S. “Spring cleaning” tips!

Well, it is going to be 80 degrees on Monday, don’t you think it is time you finish “Spring Cleaning”  your Resume and conduct a Job Search? 

This week a candidate stated “every other agency has always given me the name of their client prior to sending my resume“? That being said, I explained that Black Oak Staffing Solutions WILL NOT give out our client’s names and our client’s are always reminded by B.O.S.S. that YOU, the candidate/job seeker are looking confidentially. You as a job seeker have a choice to work with Recruiters that are not confidential and release their client’s names or work with a Professional Consulting firm that honors the true definition of “Confidential”:

  1. private and secret: carried out or revealed in the expectation that anything done or revealed will be kept private

I would think as a job seeker, I would embrace the Professional Consulting firm that is withholding the client’s name because that same agency is NOT going to  send your resume anywhere without your permission either. It is called respect.

Another very interesting subject that came up was should your resume state “References Available Upon Request“…….Quite frankly, B.O.S.S. does not believe this matters as much and falls into the same category as the  ”Objective or Summary Question?”. However,  what would be impressive to a Hiring Manager is to have multiple “LinkedIn Recommendations” completed on your profile because I can promise you Recruiters/Human Resource Professional/Hiring Managers more and more are reading and relying on those!  Call B.O.S.S. today to learn more about this very easy step.

 Now get out there and “Spring Clean” before Summer arrives………………..

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Great points! Your ability to be confidential is rare these days, and promotes trust and respect!

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